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Orion: a prominent constellation located on the celestial equador and visible throughout the world. The history behind Orion date back to Ancient Egypt. 

For sure for a Cosmic Woman! 

This is Fashion.This is Art. This is History. This is our Orion Swimming Suit from

Ila Art Collection
Muse: cucapimentel 
Photo by @deinha_natali @studio53_deinhanatali
Hair @andreclaret
Beauty @anbraga

* all swimsuits from Ila Art Collection are Unique Pieces. 

Orion Swimsuit is large, dress well from number 40 till 44.

Cosmic Call Edition ! 

How to take care of Ila Art Swimsuit ?

We recommend washing by hand. It will ensure more longevity and helps keep its shape and colours. You can also use machine washed but remember its an Art Piece. Use a small amount of detergent. Always hang dry your swimsuit.