How We Act-Ila Sustainable Brand

From day one Ila Beachwear has been aware of the importance of the Fashion Industry as a platform for and contributor to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We believe that Sustainability is the most important overriding global objective and requires us all, businesses and consumers, to act urgently.

Our goal is to introduce conscience and awareness of a sustainable lifestyle, away from mass consumption, to our customers, suppliers and partners. Our products are fully handmade with biodegradable fabrics and using no plastic at any stage of the production or packaging.

Ila Beachwear guiding principles:

1- Conscious consumption - We only create 3 to 5 timeless styles of swimsuits per year 
2- No plastic used from the production to packaging
3- Biodegradable textures: Nylon with International Certification by Amni Eco Soul Rhodia of Santa Constância in Brazil
Note: After our swimwear has been discarded it will decompose without damage to the environment. In addition, we optimally use the fabric flap to create other products, such as bikini panties, children's swimsuits and hair bands. Any remaining fabric is distributed for art work to public schools, among friends and those who want to create and reuse like us. If you want to create something new too and want our fabric flap send an email to 
4- Handmade production by an association of seamstresses in São Paulo, Brazil
5- We collaborate and partner with other brands and artists that have the same strong commitment to sustainability and respective policies in place

Our longer term objectives are to engage in causes that advance positive social and environmental impact, including:

1- Environment Issue: Plastic in the Oceans;  we are aiming to associate with relevant NGOs and create Ila actions
2- Gender Equality in the Fashion Industry: empower women and causes against sexual harassment
3- Child Labor in the Fashion Industry - ;  we are aiming to associate with relevant NGOs and engage affected villages with education.  

ILA is one of the Founding Brands of 2020 Circular Fashion Pledge. We are committed to working towards sustainable fashion solutions and always will advocate to allow only the best clothing, thoughts and activities into our sustainable lives: 

"We have committed to taking specific actions to lead the industry toward a more circular model. We are collectively committing to address the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12.5, to substantially reduce waste generation by 2030"

 Reuse, Recycle & Create!