How We Act: Ila Art

When Fashion turns to Art and mix inspiration, technique and an avant-garde view the result will be a symbioses of high creative energy.  It is not new that great masters of painting have influenced the collections of the most renowned designers and contemporary houses.

Fashion tells about history, events and most important: people, so as Art. We can write these story almost side by side. Both are self expression that is consciously made and displayed. When a Brand or Designer collaborate with an Artist they can create timeless pieces that can be considered both Art and Fashion.  

So thinking about this and the importance of Art and Fashion to tell many things about  how life was, nothing more obvious and on the right time than create this dream we always have called, Ila Art. We want to write the history of nowhere...

For these that we call Ila Art Experimental Test  we invited to collab  @art_ intuitiva. For us to launch Ila Art we needed beyond the right time someone new.

Victor Ramicchell with his @art_ intuitiva as the name itself says : has its creations connected extremely with his intuition, here now. Authentic and also unpredictable the fabric and texture was immediatelly his paints on Canvas. His unique view of Fashion merging unto Art brings experience and emotion creating unique swimsuits. 

So Ila Art Experimental Test in Collab with  @art_ intuitiva is officially launch. Handmade, Handpainted, Unique Pieces...

Its just the beginning.

Guess who will be the artist that will create ILA ART COLLECTION...

We are already preparing The First Collection.