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@ILA- Update your Idea of Beachwear!

ILA was born in 2017 Capri, Italy. Its all about creativity and choices, its a lifestyle brand!

Capsule collections inspired by travel, connection with Earth-Nature and commitment to sustainability. Our mission is to involve women in conscious consumption, sustainable personal, social engagement and, of course, contact with the inner Goddess of each one of them. Our pieces are limited, some numbered and all handmade.

All the big stars of cinema and on every classic film there is always a scene with a One Piece Swimsuit. Classic and elegant, versatile and comfortable it is the ideal piece to go to the beach, pool, yacht and changing the composition also use for an aperitif, to a party by the sea or in the most cosmopolitan cities in the world.

Our swimsuits are biodegradable, UV50 +, non-toxic and have an International Certified. They are produced with Rhodia® Solvay® Amni Eco Soul® yarn, the world's first biodegradable 6.6 nylon. We also use the fabric in our packaging, designed to be used like a bag on the beach or pool. A way to eliminate the use of plastic, avoiding waste, always connected with sustainability.

The chic ILA one piece promises to flatter all body shapes and sizes with long lines, with great attention to detail to create a classic and elegant silhouette.Thinking about the diversity of female bodies, our combination of modeling and fabric quality, makes the numbering different. Sizes: Small wear from number 36 to 40, Medium from 40 to 44 and Large from 44 to 48.

Fashion is an important expression and can be used as a conduit to connect people, raise awareness and form part of the solution to some of the social and environmental issues of our times.

We don’t follow the rules of fashion mainstream – our collections are not conformed to a specific seasonal trend but are timeless!

ILA also designs and produces special collections for other brands, just order.