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Ila Canfora Capri Sandal 2021

Finally our ILA + @canforacaprisandals 2021 Inspired by our Capri Collection print we recreate the classic #janetsandal with the mix of colours of our collection. Unique and super exclusive.Handmade. Fatto a Mano #MADEINCAPRI TO BUY :Go to Canfora Instagram or website send a DM or Mail with the Code: ILACANFORA2021. But the best way to buy is be there and they make in your feet just for you. Its the experience. Ah this style was originally created to Jackie O. who had a long story with Canfora just like us. 

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Ready for the 3 new styles of ILA GARDEN COLLECTION ?  Available in all sizes and. Remember that all ILA Swimsuits are handmade and this new ones are also limited edition. Discovery now Bird Feather Swimsuit                                    Fiori Purple Lace , also double face                                                     Palm Tree Swimsuit, special sixtie style.                                                      Shipping Worldwide.  Brazil  

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Ila Art Manifest Special Collection

Imagine a capsule collection where Fashion merge unto pure Art. What is coming ? We cant wait to reveal our special Ila Art Collection Collab @art_intuitiva, totally handmade.  Fashion tells about history, events and most important: people, so as Art.We can write these story almost side by side. Carolina Herrera said one day: "the difference between Fashion and Art is that Fashion is Art in movement" we cant agree more. So this is also our Ila Art Manifest.  Are you ready to wear Art ? Stau Tuned ! 

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