Ila Soundtrack Vol. 2

Ila Soundtrack Vol. 2

Our second Dj Guest to create our Ila Soundtrack is Beto Almeida. He is one of the names you must pay attention if you love House Music. His background is nothing more than one of the best clubs of the world, D Edge in São Paulo -Brazil. 

You can also listen his amazing sets in special parties at No Mercy, Beatcoin, Jerome and much more.

What can you expect from his sets? Classic vocals mix with instrumentals, super groove vibe with funky beats and an elegant touch of jazz...Its heaven on the dancefloor! 

Ah, Beto is also a costume designer and stylist. 

We are addicted in our Ila Set by Beto Almeida. Feeling that we are in our beloved Capri in an amazing Sunset Party or other island around... Listen here! 


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